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Baby Born Addicted        When my girlfriend got pregnant she was on 60mg of methadone. She wanted to decrease her dose but the clinic told her she needed to go up because they said the baby was taking half of it away from her. They increased her up to 180mg a day. The baby was born addicted to methadone and was kept in the hospital for 3 weeks. It was tough to go to the hospital every day to watch my newborn son go through the same kind of withdrawal symptoms an adult does, shaking and crying. You can’t tell me that methadone is safe for unborn babies.


WOW!!!!!! SO sorry to hear about your child, but isn't your wife her own avocate?????? I've been pregnant 3 times on methadone and had 4 kids ages 15, 11, and 2 year old twins and NOT ONCE did my clinic insist I go up on my dose cause my baby was taking half my methadone????? Now they did make sure I stayed comfortable, but I'm my own Recovering addict so if someone told me to do something I felt I didn't need to do I would not do it????? Why in the world would she take all that medication if her body didnt feel the need for it??? I was on 85mlgs with my 15 year old and 60mlgs with my 11 and 2 year old twins never did I or was I made to go up????? another thing your baby can not be born addicted!!!!!! only dependent so that definitely goes to show me how much you know about the methadone maintenance program! another thing you cannot tell me that the doctor allowed your child to sit there and suffer through withdrawals without giving them some kind of medication to curb the withdrawals???????and if they did not and you and your wife SATthere and watched your child go through that I'm wondering why you and your wife as parents did not step up for your child and be his or her voice??????? every time I've been pregnant while I was on methadone not only did I reseach it 100% but I also made sure that I knew who my baby's doctor was going to be??????? also no matter if your if your on 300mlgs or if your on 60mlgs that does not determine your babies dependency, I was on 85mlgs with my 15 year old and she came home when I did? I was on 60mlgs with my 11 year old and she stayed one extra day. With my twins they were 6 weeks and 4 days early and weighted 3.4 and 3.6 and they came home close to 5 pounds which was 12 days later, they were also put on .01mlgs of methadone 3 times a day when they were 6 days old than on day 8 they went to. 01mlgs 2 times a day, than on day 10 they went to .01mlgs 1 time a day than on day 12 they came home with me and I medicated them at home with .01mlgs 1 time a day until they were 8 weeks old and their doctor told me that they had outgrown their dose to take them off cold turkey (although skeptical I'm not a doctor so I done so) from that point on they had no problems! Have you ever wandered if you would even be holding that bundle of joy if your wife was doing Herion instead? I'm so grateful for methadone cause it not only saved my life but saved the life's of 4 of my 5 presious girls!!!!!!