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Can't Cure Drugs with Drugs

cant get clean from opiates with opiates

I was addicted to drugs for about 10 years and opiates were the drug of choice in the end. I have been in numerous detoxes and been on suboxone maintenance. I have dealt with plenty of addicts I've tried to help who have been on suboxone or methadone. To me suboxone and methadone are equal killers. In my own experience, I have tried using suboxone to stay clean from opiates and I inevitably ended up using drugs again because I was trying to get clean from drugs by taking drugs. It wasn't until I surrendered to the fact that I could not stick one more opiate in my system and reached out to a Power greater than myself that I didn't believe existed, that I got clean. I have since experienced numerous people who tried to get from opiates by taking opiates. Physicians seem to have no clue as to the true nature of the addict, I've even had guys I've been helping get offered suboxone and klonopin after getting completely clean because they wanted to "prevent relapse" (as if taking those drugs wouldnt be a relapse). I've helped guys who were in full blown nodding out all day long but argued with me that they are sober because its prescribed and that they were just going to do them for "a year or two" as the dose is slowly lowered, which as you can imagine didn't work. The worse thing any doctor can do is to prescribe an addict narcotic medication, they may come up with all sorts of reasons but bottom line if your prescribing any addict any narcotic medication you are contributing to the problem. So many addicts want to get clean and think they will do it through drugs and it just comes down to the fact that I cant take drugs to quit taking drugs.    EarlyRiser says:  You're 100% right.  Most of modern psychiatry and addiction treatment consists of "maintenance treatment" whether it is with nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, methadone, suboxone, klonopin, adderall, ritalin,whatever.  Stem-cell research may hold some hope for people with addiction and psychiatric disorders but the "treatment industry" will fight any changes in the established "treatment paradigm". Read about "Epibatidine" and "Ibogaine" --- it's a shame.  But you're understanding is accurate.  It's odd that all addicting chemicals relieve depression, anxiety, and loneliness.  The "Higher Power" is the ultimate reality for those able to reach it.  We're all at different levels.