Addiction to methadone can be viewed as a disease that attacks the central nervous system, and common symptoms include gastrointestinal distress, rebound pains and muscle spasms. Find out how methadone withdrawal can cause anxiety, insomnia and restlessness with help from a licensed mental health counselor in this free video on methadone and drug addiction.


I am currently a MMT Patient. I was referred by my OB/GYN after a positive pregnancy test. I had a prescription for Vicodin and Ambien and the Dr felt that Methadone would be safer than Vicodin.

Thankfully BOTH of our children experienced mild to medium withdrawal symptoms and did not require any medical intervention/medication. I even opted for a c section to prevent any uneccesary stressors during their birth. I have been in MMT for just over three years now. I feel stuck! Which is why I am here watching this video. I was on Suboxone for 16 months prior to becoming pregnant and I only required 2mg and my health was much better. My teeth are severely effected by methadone. I would love to share my panagrams from before and now to prove that methadone has caused significant damage to my oral health. I would love more information about a safe taper. My goal is to taper to 30mg of methadone, to not dose for 24 hours and to switch to Suboxone because I have succesfully tapered off of Suboxone and the process is MUCH easier than tapering off of methadone. I truly see why methadone is referred as liquid handcuffs!