Methadone Clinics function to distribute an alternative drug, methadone, to opiate addicts.  Sadly, methadone, for most people, causes more negative side effects and impairment in  function than the heroin and pain pills that  caused the addiction!  For many methadone is more addicting and more difficult to get off than the other opiates.  The methadone industry never warns their clients or their client’s families of these realities.  This is why was established– to tell the truth about the methadone maintenance  “scam”! would like to ask why the methadone industry is allowed to force methadone onto all those who seek help from them.  There are alternatives.  Construction workers who become addicted to pain meds after treatment of work-related injuries can end up sleeping all day long when they end up on methadone.  They get  sedated,  fat, and lazy and can’t return to work!  This has happened to thousands and the methadone empire knows it, infact it profits  from it!

recovery wheels
recovery wheels

This is so true! I never knew such sites as this one even exist but I'm glad I came across it! I seemed help like so many from pain pill addiction so I turned to a local clinic & at the time the only such in my city! I wanted free from the grips of addiction & wanted a normal life again but what ended up happening was far worse then my addiction by far! I ended up being very very depended on methodone, I gained well over 100 lbs & have lost all my teeth,alls I do is sleep & sweat! And when I say SWEAT,I MEAN SWEAT! Like I just ran a 5k & alls I really did was get out of bed to use the restroom which is inches from my bedroom! I feel as if I can't maintain my own body temp! Methodone has hurt me more then helped me.I just hit my 2yr mark in March & I take 125mg & I have 9 take homes that I worked very hard for.And yet I still have to call this 800 number every morning to see if I have to do a drug test & I still have to make at least 4 trips a month to the clinic ( even after having 9 take homes)!! I want off so badly.I live constantly in fear I will lose the methodone & have to go thru terrible deadly withdrawals!! Its a never ending cycle that has put so much stress & fear in me that its caused a lot of serious depression.Getting on methodone has destroyed my entire life.I have totally given up on life.I didn't even have a cavatity till I was 18 years old.I took good care of my teeth & spent a lot of money doing it just to lose them all!! Between losing my teeth,sleeping all day,the weight gain & the sweating - its caused me to be very suicidal on more then a few times! I wake up every morning mad I woke up..Waking up knowing Ur life has came to this is enough to make the strongest & smartest non mental health person become suicidal! Thank u for reading this & bringing awareness to this problem.They sure fooled me when they told me Methodone was my answer to fix my addiction problem.But,the one thing they didn't lie about,was when THEY TOLD ME; GETTING ON METHODONE WOULD CHANGE MY ENTIRE LIFE!