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Methadone Clinics = Patient Abuse

Methadone Clinics function to distribute an alternative drug, methadone, to opiate addicts.  Sadly, methadone, for most people, causes more negative side effects and impairment in  function than the heroin and pain pills that  caused the addiction!  For many methadone is more addicting and more difficult to get off than the other opiates.  The methadone industry never warns their clients or their client's families of these realities.  This is why was established-- to tell the truth about the methadone maintenance  "scam"! would like to ask why the methadone industry is allowed to force methadone onto all those who seek help from them.  There are alternatives.  Construction workers who become addicted to pain meds after treatment of work-related injuries can end up sleeping all day long when they end up on methadone.  They get  sedated,  fat, and lazy and can't return to work!  This has happened to thousands and the methadone empire knows it, infact it profits  from it!